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The Giuseppe

The Giuseppe is a straightforward, alcohol-driven delight. Round, wet, and with a strong white grape quality, the mix of grappa, italicus rosolio, verjus, and prosecco sips like a bold Italian white wine....

Apricot Sour

Japanese gin, egg white, and hazelnut create a velvety texture in the Apricot Sour, which comes with the orange stone fruit “four ways.” Served in an elegant coupette, the cocktail is filled...

Pear French 75

If you’re alone and trying to sound fancy in a fancy bar, one method is to start the argument of how to make a proper original French 75.  Did the French invent...

Dice of Life

A hallucinogenic quality runs through the absence spritzed Dice of Life. Bourbon, pamplemousse, allspice, and the aforementioned wormwooden spirit conjure Parisian sentimentality within the cocktail’s Sazerac lineage.  Hazy memories of hot summer nights,...

Celine Dijon

A fizzy conversation starter. Round and sweet with a strong honey touch and hint of mustard anchored in pineapple sugar. Pepped up with a hint of seltzer, tequila rounding out the flavor...
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