St. Lucia Distillers Unveils Rum Experience, Taking Visitors On Tour Of Roseau Valley

St Lucia Rum Experience Tour

St. Lucia Distillers has launched the Saint Lucia Rum Experience, which will take visitors on a tour through its facility, Roseau Valley, and all the way down to the beach. The spirit tourism project finds the island’s only distillery leveling up its tourism game, while also providing for local communities.

“Laurie Barnard who helmed St. Lucia Distillers from 1988 to 2012, would be proud of recent developments,” said CEO Margaret Monplaisir. “The existing rum tour was started in 1998 and is now entering another phase”.

The new attraction will include a scenic pond, sugar cane fields, and improved access roads leading all the way to the Roseau beach, as well as a variety of investments to help the local Roseau community.

Current chairman Grégoire Gueden added: “This new attraction is designed to be like no other rum tour in the region.”

Since its acquisition by the Bernard Hayot Group in 2016, the distillery has inaugurated three new buildings designed to increase aging capacity to more than 12,000 casks.

In 2021, the distillery home for Chairman’s Reserve, Admiral Rodney, and Bounty rums, exported over 600,000 bottles to 45 countries around the world, with the new development expected to triple that in coming years.

For more information on the rum tour, head over to St Lucia Distillers’ official website.


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