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Sake Hundred Brings Luxury Sake Portfolio To US, Including $3,100 Gengai Expression

Sake has a tradition that stretches over 2500 years. The highest quality ingredients and obsessive attention to detail lead the fermented rich-based alcoholic beverage to reach levels of artistic expression and craft...

Fukushima Brewery Ninki-Ichi Makes “Space Sake” From Yeast Sent Into Orbit

Ninki-Ichi has created a sake made from yeast that was sent into outer space. Profits from this out-of-this-world brew will go to helping the region recover from a devastating earthquake that caused...

Alain Ducasse To Launch Sparkling Saké

World-famous chef, Alain Ducasse has partnered with Japanese saké brewery Shichiken in Yamanashi to create a sparkling saké to complement his cuisine. Located at the northern tip of Yamanashi region, the Shichiken saké...

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